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The Bloods - Gang Language now includes Definition and history of ...

Gangs, Bloods, crips, prison, NYC. . set (faction) they belong to (i.e. FRUIT TOWN PIRU, ROLLIN 30'S PIRU, 87 FAMILY BLOOD). . put him on point; Insecto-A disrespectful term used against the Netas, which means low down. . RED DOG-BLOOD STAR; Red flat - Thats bullshit; RED HEAT-HE/SHE DOES SHOW LOVE .

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Bloods Street Gang Knowledge and History

The Piru Street Boys, who already represented a powerful force in the City of . This rule essentially means there are no such thing as a "fake" blood sets and is .

One of the first questions most people usually ask is "what does piru blood mean much does a

Cedar Block Piru | Reference.com Answers

Cedar block piru is a LA street gang. They now have sets . This is a subgroup of the Blood Gang. They are well . What Does Cedar Block Piru Bloods Mean?

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Bob Gotti Boyz" e/s I.M.G 464% MOB Piru SuWooop! . am kinda confused the pirus in denver dont like other bloods?and these so called cmg's over say . Race means nothing in this. You might think? it does, but we're naturally all the same.

QuizMoz - Bloods Quiz

Bloods has been a notorious gang , besides refering to blood tests. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about Bloods. . what does ck mean? . 206 CkPT PIRU, all i gotta say flaggin dat burgandy till da da i die n neva gun testify and nigga i .

Urban Dictionary: piru

Piru is Crip in reverse put the C on his back. . PIRU. the original name for the bloods, its crips spelled in reverse and turn the . Do you know what piru means?


Jan 24, 2004 . "PIRU" means ORIGINAL BLOOD GANG. . no reason to fight because fight does nothing but hurt one another. remember: HUGS ARE FREE!

What does piru stand for

that's tru,but real piru and blood members have love fo each other adn their colzers . to answer the question, P.I.R.U stands for/means Pimps In Red Uniforms.

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?1???? - #EastSide #WestSide #SouthSide #NorthSide #Piru #Blood #Pirus # Piruz #Bloods #Bloodz #Damu #Damus #Damuz . pirubloodnation : @ SaaWordUp Yes, What Does It Matter? . straighthooper : I mean one day sorry lol.

Blood Gangs in Pomona, California | StreetGangs.Com

Inglewood Family Blood | California | The I | City of Champions · Avenue Piru Gang (apg) . West Covina Mob Piru . Experts say mean streets lead to unhealthy children · Information distorted to . Does anybody know where J- Rock is?

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(Piru is crip in reverse but the c's on it's back, Piru Luv)Come on now, does it get . CK mean BLOOD KILLA and CRIP KILLA. now i know all the big slang words .

Paul Pierce Fined $25,000 for Flashing Piru Blood Gang Sign

Apr 29, 2008 . Not sure how accurate this list is, but it does identify it as a Blood sign. . PIRU. If you know what it means he did the RU thing Collect check .

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Blood Piru Knowledge Latest Posts / Blog Profile

Aug 23, 2009 . Bloods Street Gang, Best Blood Piru Knowledge, Blood Gang . more :PACOIMA Blood GangsWHAT DOES THE WORD CRAB MEAN IN .

Rag Ties | Frank151

Jul 16, 2009 . F151: Is there a difference between Blood and Piru? What does it mean to be Piru? BB: A lot of us, as far as Piru, we sport the burgundy.

Murder Ink - Article - POLICE Magazine

Feb 1, 2006. the Bloods. This P-Funk tattoo does not mean that the owner is a fan of '70's funk band Parliament. . You will see P for "Piru" or B for "Blood.

What does M O Mean? - Answers.Ask.com

Modus Operandi · Piru Blood Walk. Categories. All Categories . What does M O Mean? . What Does M O Stand for in Law Enforcement? What Does M O Mean .

What does piru mean to the Crips gang

What does piru mean to the Crips gang? In: Urban Slang [Edit categories]. Answer: Piru Is For Bloods Crips Have Nothing to do with Piru. Improve answer .

Tupac A BLOOD??? [Archive] - Rap Worlds Forums

ok, just because im a blood dont mean i gotta noe evry thing bout every . yet direspect gangs the way he does, wouldnt u know a little sumpin? . Yea, Deathrow was kinda "ran" by MOB Piru, and Tupac was on DeathRow.

NBA Tattoo Manifesto Installment 3: DeShawn Stevenson

Dec 10, 2010 . Despite his limited offensive ability, DeShawn does lead the NBA in one . I don't mean the fact that reporters are holding microphones up to . As it turns out, the backwards P is a well-known symbol for the Piru Bloods.

Blood Piru Knowledge : 10/22/09

Oct 22, 2009 . Archive for blood blogs at 10/22/09 Best Blood Piru Knowledge. . CRAB in one restaurant, and what does the word crab mean in relationship .

Lil Wayne's Private “Project XXX” Birthday Party, Backstage At ...

Oct 2, 2012 . PIRU doesn't even mean what it used to. nor does CRIP. Wayne became a blood after game helped his brother out. Uptown Skyline blood, and .

What does piru love mean

piru love means puttin it down for da piru no matter what 44 block u kno dat n!GG @ 87th mafia n!GG@ savage all day bloods up or guns bust u kno wat it do all .

Vice Fashion - Piru, Ca. | VICE

These kids live in a town called Piru (pop. 1,200), off highway 126 in Ventura County, California. Piru is an old orange grove town, so a large number of Piruians .

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Punishing Pierce May Have Done More Harm Than Good - New ...

May 2, 2008 . According to Leap, that gesture is “the classic Piru Bloods sign. . I'm not certain that that's what it was intended to mean.” Whether Pierce .

What does bloods stand for - Q&A

Apr 17, 2004 . Answer by bAYbEe bLOoDz AKA BLOODS 4 LIFE B'Z UP REPRESENT . 5 bangin 6 Hangin 5'9 Piru Is my set we grippin techs and poppin ckabs necks red flag not da flue if . blood means :blood levitate over oxes denial .

GANG GRAFFITI, ART & CULTURE: Rollin 20's Neighborhood Blood.

Mar 18, 2006 . At the bottom is NHB, for Neighborhood Blood. . have NH in them.what does it mean that it's a NeighborHood Crip or a NeighborHood Blood is .

Gangs - Savannah Morning News

Normally, the Savannah Morning News does not use false names or . While eastside gangs affiliate with the national gang label of Bloods or Piru, the Hitch . many local gang members don't have any idea about what certain symbols mean .

What is the history of the Bloods street gang

Damu means Blood in the language of Swahili, a language Bloods are known . The Piru Street Boys, who presented a powerful force in Compton, actually . How long does it take for return mail to get back from Los Angeles to Glendale ca ?

What Does A 5 Point Star Tattoo Mean? - Blurtit

What Does A 5 Star Tattoo Behind The Ear Mean? It means somebody . What Does A Six Point Star Tattoo Means? . Its a symbol of the piru blood gang .

Gangs Language "GANG SYMBOLS & NUMBERS" | Blood Piru ...

Sep 11, 2009 . Bloods Street Gang, Best Blood Piru Knowledge, Blood Gang Alphabet, Gangsters . "E" and "A" and the slang number for police "50" to mean Eradicate All Police . Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker .

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Westside treetop piru bloods

west side is in reference to California bompton 2 be exact tree top piru isone of . What does it mean when you dream of an ex husband who is bigger and taller?

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Blood Piru Knowledge : 08/26/09

Aug 26, 2009 . Archive for blood blogs at 08/26/09 Best Blood Piru Knowledge. . Hoava mean a hoover too. . Although Lee Jong Yong as the personal signature of the director is small, it does capture the elusive and fragile nature of .

What should a piru blood wear

What vessel carries oxygenated blood to the heart muscle? Answer it! . How do you pronounce piru in piru bloods? . What does independent sentence mean?

Have someone blood hands - Dictionary.com - Reference.com

Have someone blood hands definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and . Piru blood walk . Does it mean: .

What Does This Mean? | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics ...

Apr 28, 2008 . Kids do throw it up around Boston, but it doesn't mean three strikes. It's an old . The sign he threw is symbolic of Piru, also a blood click. Piru is .

Who are famous blood gang members? | ChaCha

ChaCha Answer: $uge Knight - Mob Piru Bloods, DJ Quik - Compton Tree . What does the blood gang stand for? . What does Odd Future Wolf Gang mean?

What does M O B Stand for? - Answers.Ask.com

Piru Blood Walk · M O B Piru . What Does M O Stand for in Law Enforcement? What Does M O B Stand For? . What does F O B Mean? What does F O B Stand .

Organized Crime Questions including "Does piru bloods bang to the ...

Organized Crime Questions including "Does piru bloods bang to the left" and " What are some new gangs in . What does ALLAH mean to the 5 Percent Nation ?

What does crip mean in gangs

C.R.I.P.=Community Revolutionary In Progress Crips flag a navy blue bandana on the left side. What does piru mean to the Crips gang? Piru Is For Bloods Crips .

What does the 5 point blood star stand for

Each point on the star mean something. B.L.O.O.D. ( (Piru is crip upside down)) B =body. L= life . What does the bloods 5 point star mean? only bloods get to .

Gangs in new Jersey 2010 - New Jersey State Police

MOB Piru. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 . towns); Sex Money Murder Bloods (95 towns); Nine Trey Bloods (86 towns); Pagans. Motorcycle . present in urban areas and are becoming increasingly organized and violent, the current data does . should not be interpreted to mean that the two .

What is does piru love mean

piru love means puttin it down for da piru no matter what 44 block u kno dat n!GG @ 87th mafia n!GG@ savage all day bloods up or guns bust u kno wat it do all .

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What does blood mean in gangs

What does blood gang mean? other black neighborhoods, bloods were founded on piru street and every blood gang in compton begins. What does the gang .

What rappers are in gangs

DJ Quik--(Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods) † Easy-E . The Game-- Cedar Block Piru - 9 Tre Gangsters (Blood) . And wtf does Camron Pink Panther mean?

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BRRRRRR-RAP!!!! Top NBA BALLER Caught Wearing A RED ...

Jun 26, 2009 . Stephen Jackson been a blood for years and he under investigation by the nba... soowoo . Steven jackson Was Blood Ya MAd Old He's Piru P.imps I.n R.ed U. niform . I'm not glorifying what he does but I know he's not faking being a Blood. . this is what i mean when i say black people need to raise our .

What does 1503 stands for in a gang

Does not stand for more than OC unless it is tweeked by people to make it mean . Burgundy: Pirus(Piru gang, in the Blood Alliance) Blue: Crip Alliance Mexican Mafia( . its just a sign for the 3's (thats a gang in atlanta) it doesnt mean anything .

Forming or reviewing a team approach to prevention and intervention

Anybody Gets It, Bounty Hunter Bloods, Bush Babies, Cash Hoe Murda, Certified Ballina Killers, . Disciples, Latin Kings, Netas, Ochos, South Los, Sur-13,Street Piru Bloods and Juggalos . Does this mean these soldiers are gang members?

Is lil boosie a blood

yes my hubby is a blood for those of you that don't kno.............. but for me i rep 456 piru blood gang 87th block im ckill all . Red don't mean blood in L.a. and that's probably only true there. . Does Morgan freeman have a noble peace prize?

What does the five points on the bloods star stand for

What does the 5 point blood star stand for? objects.Each point on the star mean something. B.L.O.O.D. ( (Piru is crip upside down)) B=body L= life OO=hOnOr .

Where did the bloods 5 point star and the crips 6 point star come from

The Bloods gang does NOT repesent the 5 point star. And the Crips gang does . The 6 point star doesn't mean anything to the Crips gang. The 6 point star is .

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Urban Dictionary: dsgb

Down South Georgia Bloods. 1: "aiyo where . "dat eastside piru blood from ga so u know ima dsgb" . Girl: What does that tattoo of DSGB mean on your arm?

Rakim Mayers - YouTube

Pac never was a blood just cuz he beat that crip at las vegas don't mean shit they . does and do claim piru or blood not even once attended a homies funeral or .

Who are the top bloods

Are tree top piru bloods? The Tree Top Pirus are a PIRU set under the Blood Alliance. Bloods and . What does the top number in your blood pressure mean?

enter something really funny here

Especially when you play a blood-drinking, maniacal devil's son who had . Now am I wrong, or does Piru mean Demon or Devil in Finnish?

South Carolina Gangs

Sep 30, 2012. what gang banging is all about and that they really do not mean to do any harm . . Bloods Westside Bloods Oriental Bloods South Side Piru .

What does the gang blood symbol means

What does blood gang mean? other black neighborhoods, bloods were founded on piru street and every blood gang in compton begins. What does blood mean .

What does the 5 point star mean to the bloods

You see them everywhere on th Read More. What does the 5 point blood star stand for? objects.Each point on the star mean something. B.L.O.O.D. ( (Piru is crip .

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Skyline Piru - Piru Blood Gang . cities? listen up WE ALL KNOW DAT PIRU STARTED IN BOMPTON!!!!! does dat mean it gotta stay? there? no bitch you should .

Blood Piru Knowledge : 09/11/09

Sep 11, 2009 . Archive for blood blogs at 09/11/09 Best Blood Piru Knowledge. . letters of the alphabet "E" and "A" and the slang number for police "50" to mean Eradicate All Police . Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker .

What does the gang blood mean

However little people know what it stands. What does blood gang mean? other black neighborhoods, bloods were founded on piru street and every blood gang .

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What rappers from New Jersey are in gangs

E.D.I. Mean(M.o.b. Piru)-Tupac's Outlawz. Hussein Fatal(M.o.b. . DJ Kay Gee( Double ii Bloods)-Naughty By Nature. Nu Jerzey Devil(Cedar . Answer it! When you take the new jersey ask test does teachers give you home work? Answer it!

What does blood gang mean

What does blood gang mean? . bloods were founded on piru street and every blood gang in compton begins with . What does the gang blood symbol means?

What does the gang GD stand for

What do all the gang colors stand for? Burgundy: Pirus(Piru gang, in the Blood Alliance) Blue: Crip Alliance Mexican Mafia(Sureno's. What does GD stand for in .

Was Slim Dunkin a Piru

Is Slim Dunkin a Piru? U mean was Slim Dunkin a Piru, since he died. But yes, Slim Dunkin was a member of the Jurassic. Who is slim dunkin? Slim Dunkin was .

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Is tyga a crip or a blood

he a blood... and me im from skyline park 1980's piru gang read about it .... cKrabs... see about me . . What does it mean by information reliability? In: Education .

Red Rum - Piru Love 2011 (Instrumental Remix) - YouTube

Apr 24, 2011 . This is a instrumental remix of "Piru Love" by the Bloods from the Bloods . midi, nor does the original source "Computer Love" by Zapp & Roger. . Like I also said in the description, I don't mean to offend any bangers with this.

What is the difference between blood and erythrocytes

Put another way, blood is the whole; erythrocytes are a part. . What does nutrient deficiency mean? Answer it . What is the difference between a piru an blood?

Urban Dictionary: blood bible

The above does NOT mean it is evil. The blood of the dead and tortured is on the hands of those who are soulless enough to use the bible to control the masses .

Is Tupac a piru

Suge Knight was a piru blood and Deathrow associated with pirus through Suge Knight for . What does it mean on your bank statement funds held by bank?

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