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Claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Claudication, literally 'limping' (Latin), is a medical term usually referring to impairment in walking, or pain, discomfort or tiredness in the legs that occurs during .

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BBC - Health: Intermittent claudication

BBC Intermittent claudication How damage to your arteries can affect your ability to walk.

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Claudication: Symptoms - MayoClinic.com

If left untreated, claudication and peripheral artery disease can reduce the quality of your . Claudication may limit your ability to participate in social and leisure .

Claudication Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment by ...

Read about claudication, cramping in the lower leg while walking or exercising caused by blocked arteries in the leg. Treatment include lifestyle changes and .

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Claudication

Claudication, which physicians also call intermittent claudication because it happens off and on, is a serious warning symptom because people who have it are .

Intermittent claudication, cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment ...

Oct 2, 2012 . Information on intermittent claudication and pain in the legs caused by peripheral vascular disease including definition, diagnosis, imaging and .

Claudication - MayoClinic.com

Claudication — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this painful circulatory condition.

Claudication | Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library

Detailed information on claudication, including causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and a labeled, full-color anatomical illustration.

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Claudication, a disease of the arteries | Vascular Surgery | Services ...

Details of the Vascular Surgery department at Addenbrooke's.

What is claudication

Claudication is a cramping pain that limits walking ability. The pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. When a rest the pain will go away resulting in intermittent .

What is claudication? - Sharecare

What is claudication? Claudication can be cramping pain or weak feeling that occurs in your legs because poor circulation. Learn more from our experts about .

Peripheral Arterial Disease and Claudication | Overview ...

Learn about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial disease ( PAD) and claudication, a problem with blood flow in the legs that may cause leg .

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Patient Information - Intermittent Claudication

Claudication comes from the Latin word claudicatio meaning "limping" and the term intermittent claudication therefore means that the sufferer intermittently limps .

Neurogenic Claudication - What is Neurogenic Claudication

Jun 4, 2010 . Neurogenic claudication is associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. Learn about neurogenic claudication and spinal stenosis.

Pseudoclaudication: Is it related to claudication? - MayoClinic.com

Pseudoclaudication and claudication cause leg pain for different reasons.

Claudication: Treatments and drugs - MayoClinic.com

Claudication — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this painful circulatory condition.

Claudication: When circulation problems cause leg pain

Claudication is a circulation problem that causes pain during exercise. Understand causes and treatments.

Lower Extremity Claudication - Vascdocs.com

Health & Disease Info All You Wanted to Know About ... Lower Extremity Claudication. What is Claudication? Claudication is a sensation of severe tiredness, .

Vascular Disease/Lower Extremity Arterial Disease/Claudication ...

Vascular Disease/Lower Extremity Arterial Disease/Claudication. What is peripheral artery disease? Artery blockage in the arm or leg due to atherosclerosis.

Estimation of walking distance in intermittent claudication: need for ...

Intermittent claudication is the most striking symp- . claudication and effects of treatment options. . claudication distance is another method of measuring .

intermittent claudication - Medical Dictionary - The Free Dictionary

Intermittent claudicationis a pain in the leg that a person experiences when walking or exercising. The pain is intermittent and goes away when the person rests.

What does claudication mean? definition and meaning (Free ...

Definition of claudication in the AudioEnglish.net Dictionary. Meaning of claudication. What does claudication mean? Proper usage of the word claudication.

Claudication, Rest Pain

Intermittent claudication is related to the symptoms caused by obstructions in the arteries of the legs (sometimes called atherosclerosis or 'hardening of the .

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What is claudication? Find the definition for claudication at WebMD

Limping, usually referring to intermittent claudication.

What Is Neurogenic Claudication?

This is distinct from vascular claudication, which is caused by a circulatory problem within the lower back, buttocks, or legs. Neurogenic means that the .

Intermittent claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intermittent claudication (Latin: claudicatio intermittens) is a clinical diagnosis given for muscle pain (ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue), classically in .

Definition of Intermittent claudication - MedTerms

Intermittent claudication: An aching, crampy, tired, and sometimes burning pain in the legs that comes and goes -- it typically occurs with walking and goes away .

Peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication - Diagnosis

Diagnosis: PAD is greatly underdiagnosed. Many patients do not report symptoms, or may not even have symptoms. People should be checked for peripheral .

Spinal Stenosis Symptoms and Diagnosis

Leg pain with walking (claudication) can be caused by either arterial circulatory insufficiency (vascular claudication) or from spinal stenosis (neurogenic or .


Claudication — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this painful circulatory condition.

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Claudication - sfveincenter.com - San Francisco Vein Center

Claudication is a term which refers to pain in the legs with significant activity which is caused by atherosclerotic blockages of the arteries of the leg. Typically .

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Patient Information Intermittent Claudication

Intermittent claudication is pain in the leg brought on by walking and is caused by poor blood flow to the muscles. It is intermittent because it only comes on with .

What Is Intermittent Claudication - Doctor insights on HealthTap

Doctors help you with trusted information about Is in Intermittent Claudication: Dr. Bolesta: It is leg pain that occurs with walking, and relieved by rest.

Claudication: Is that Pain in Your Calf Something More Serious ...

Dec 5, 2007 . You may have written that pain in your leg as a cramp, or as proof that you've been on your feet too long. But it could actually be a sign of a .

FAQs - Claudication

Claudication can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Look through our FAQ to get answers to the most common questions about the symptoms, the .

Definition of Claudication, intermittent - MedTerms

Claudication, intermittent: Pain in the calf that comes and goes, typically felt while . Intermittent claudication can be due to temporary artery narrowing due to .

Intermittent Claudication

What is intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication (IC) is pain in the muscles of the leg which only comes on with exercise and which is relieved by .

Claudication - Clinical Methods - NCBI Bookshelf

Claudication is a pain, cramp or sense of fatigue in a muscle group of the lower extremity related to sustained exercise and relieved promptly by a few minutes of .

What causes intermittent claudication? - Guy's and St Thomas'

What is intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication is a cramp-like pain felt in the calf, thigh or buttock during walking or other exercise. It is caused by lack .

What Is Claudication?

Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is Claudication?

5MinuteConsult | Peripheral Arterial Disease and Claudication

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a problem with blood flow in the arteries, especially those in the legs. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from the .

Vascular Diseases: Claudication/Rest Pain/Ulcer/Gangrene

Claudication/Rest Pain/Ulcer/Gangrene [Legs/Arms]. Claudication is pain or cramping in the lower legs when walking which subsides with rest. It is due to .

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Intermittent Claudication | Circulation Problems in the Leg

Intermittent Claudication is caused by narrowing or blockage in the main artery taking blood to your leg (femoral artery). Read more information here.


Claudication is discomfort in the calf, thigh or buttocks that occurs when walking or . As much as 10 percent of the U.S. population has occasional claudication, .

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Neurogenic claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neurogenic claudication (NC) is a common symptom of lumbar spinal stenosis, or inflammation of the nerves emanating from the spinal cord. Neurogenic means .

Claudication: Tests and diagnosis - MayoClinic.com

Claudication may go undiagnosed because many people consider the pain an unwelcome but . Some common tests used to diagnose claudication include: .

About Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) - The CLEVER Study

The CLEVER (CLaudication: Exercise Vs. Endoluminal Revascularization) Study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health's(NIH) National Heart Lung .

Claudication: Health24: Leg Health

May 4, 2011 . Intermittent claudication (from the Latin claudicare, to limp), is one of the first symptoms of arteriosclerosis obliterans, which is a narrowing of the .


What is claudication? Claudication is a symptom of PAD characterized by pain in . claudication can be elicited by merely walking and can subside with rest.

Claudication - Department of Surgery - University of Miami

What is claudication? Claudication is pain and/or cramping in the lower leg due to inadequate blood flow to the muscles. The pain usually causes ...

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Claudication Test - YouTube

May 1, 2009 . 2:44. Watch Later Understanding claudicationby renownhealthnv1,048 views · Dr . Dourron - Femeral Artery Distal Bypass 7:39. Watch Later .

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders | Full text | Functional claudication ...

Disease severity and functional impairment in patients with intermittent claudication is usually quantified by the measurement of pain-free walking distance .

Claudication: Causes - MayoClinic.com

Claudication — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this painful circulatory condition.

Intermittent Claudication and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Some patients have no symptoms at all, while others suffer pain on exercise ( intermittent claudication). If the circulation to the legs gets even worse, then .

Claudication - University of Rochester Medical Center

Claudication refers to limping because of pain in the thigh, calf, and/or buttocks that occurs when walking. Claudication may be a symptom of peripheral arterial .

Leg Pain? Claudication May Be the Cause - Good Shepherd ...

Claudication is pain and/or cramping in the lower leg due to inadequate blood flow . claudication because it comes and goes with exertion and rest. (In severe .

Claudication | Define Claudication at Dictionary.com

leg weakness associated with circulation difficulties, relieved by rest. Relevant Questions. What Is Claudication? How To Treat Intermitten... What Is Intermittent .

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What is the difference between spinal stenosis and intermittent - IDEA

Mar 3, 2012 . Intermittent claudication is classified as a peripheral vascular disease and in a fitness setting is generally treated under the supervision of a .

Patient Info Intermittent Claudication - Christchurch Vascular Group

INTERMITTENT CLAUDICATION A Patient Information Sheet . Intermittent claudication is pain in the leg brought on by walking, and is caused by poor blood .

Understanding Claudication (leg pain) - Redlands Community ...

Claudication is a term used to describe the discomfort felt in leg muscles that occurs when you walk because of a decrease of blood pressure in the leg.

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What are the Symptoms of Neurogenic Claudication?

Neurogenic claudication, also known as spinal claudication, is a result of nerve compression in the lower portion of the spine. The associated discomfort within .

What is Neurogenic Claudication?

What is neurogenic claudication? The answer is relatively straightforward, and is evident once you examine the makeup of the word. "Neurogenic" means the .

Intermittent Claudication-Topic Overview

Oct 14, 2011 . The main symptom of peripheral arterial disease is intermittent claudication, which is a tight or squeezing pain in the calf,foot,thigh,or buttock .

jaw claudication - definition of jaw claudication by the Free Online ...

Definition of jaw claudication in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of jaw claudication. Pronunciation of jaw claudication. Translations of jaw claudication. jaw .

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What is an intermittent claudication? - Sharecare

What is an intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication is a tight, aching or squeezing pain in the calf, foot, thigh or buttock that occurs during exercise.

Can claudication be prevented? - MedicineNet

Jul 15, 2011 . Read about claudication, cramping in the lower leg while walking or exercising caused by blocked arteries in the leg. Treatment include .

Spinal Stenosis and Neurogenic Claudication

Spinal Stenosis and Neurogenic Claudication. Spinal stenosis, or a narrowing of the spinal canal, can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including .

Peripheral Artery Disease, PAD

Nov 13, 2011 . The most common symptom of PAD is "claudication." Claudication is pain, cramping or discomfort - which can vary from merely annoying to .

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Exercise

What is Claudication? Claudication is a symptom of PAD. . Walk as long as you can until you reach a level of 4 on the claudication scale (see box below).

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