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Patient Information - Intermittent Claudication

Claudication comes from the Latin word claudicatio meaning "limping" and the term intermittent claudication therefore means that the sufferer intermittently limps .

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Intermittent Claudication - PeaceHealth

Intermittent claudication is pain in the legs caused by atherosclerosis . people with intermittent claudication experience leg pain after walking a certain distance.

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Intermittent claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intermittent claudication (Latin: claudicatio intermittens) is a clinical diagnosis given for muscle pain (ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue), classically in .

intermittent claudication - Medical Dictionary - The Free Dictionary

Intermittent claudicationis a pain in the leg that a person experiences when walking or exercising. The pain is intermittent and goes away when the person rests.

Patient Information Intermittent Claudication

Intermittent claudication is pain in the leg brought on by walking and is caused by poor blood flow to the muscles. It is intermittent because it only comes on with .


May 2, 2002 . 'Intermittent claudication' is a cramp-like pain that some people get in the calf muscle in one or both legs when they walk or take exercise.

Claudication - MayoClinic.com

Claudication is pain caused by too little blood flow during exercise. Sometimes called intermittent claudication, this condition generally affects the blood vessels .

Claudication Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment by ...

Jul 15, 2011 . Claudication typically is felt while walking, and subsides with rest. It is commonly referred to as "intermittent" claudication because it comes and .

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Peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication - Symptoms

Intermittent means the pain comes and goes. Intermittent claudication is the most prominent symptom of PAD. About a third to a half of patients with PAD have .

Definition of Intermittent claudication - MedTerms

Intermittent claudication: An aching, crampy, tired, and sometimes burning pain in the legs that comes and goes -- it typically occurs with walking and goes away .

Intermittent Claudication - Simondodds.com

What causes intermittent claudication? When you exercise the muscles of the leg they need more blood to work properly. This blood flows in the arteries from .

BBC - Health: Intermittent claudication

BBC Intermittent claudication How damage to your arteries can affect your ability to walk.

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Intermittent claudication - Mayo Clinic medical information and tools ...

In peripheral artery disease, the arteries that supply blood to the legs are narrowed, typically because of atherosclerosis, causing a cluster of pain symptoms .

Intermittent Claudication - Senior Health - About.com

Information about intermittent claudication, a condition that causes leg pain when walking even short distances.

Intermittent claudication, cause, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment ...

Oct 2, 2012 . Information on intermittent claudication and pain in the legs caused by peripheral vascular disease including definition, diagnosis, imaging and .

SIT AND BE FIT | Intermittent Claudication - Information and Exercises

Intermittent claudication is due to insufficient blood flow to working muscles. The circulation is unable to keep up with the muscle demands of increased activity.

Patient Info Intermittent Claudication - Christchurch Vascular Group

INTERMITTENT CLAUDICATION A Patient Information Sheet . Intermittent claudication is pain in the leg brought on by walking, and is caused by poor blood .

Statins and Intermittent Claudication

Intermittent claudication is caused by peripheral arterial disease in the lower limbs. It limits walking distance, causes pain, reduces quality of life, and has a .

Chelation therapy for intermittent claudication. A double-blind ...

Chelation therapy for intermittent claudication. A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. van Rij AM, Solomon C, Packer SG, Hopkins WG. Department of .

Intermittent Claudication and Peripheral Arterial Disease

Some patients have no symptoms at all, while others suffer pain on exercise ( intermittent claudication). If the circulation to the legs gets even worse, then .

What causes intermittent claudication? - Guy's and St Thomas'

What is intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication is a cramp-like pain felt in the calf, thigh or buttock during walking or other exercise. It is caused by lack .

Intermittent Claudication | Circulation Problems in the Leg

Intermittent Claudication is caused by narrowing or blockage in the main artery taking blood to your leg (femoral artery). Read more information here.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Documentary / PAD Video - YouTube

Jun 2, 2009 . This causes symptoms, most notably leg pain when walking (intermittent claudication). Peripheral artery disease is also likely to be a sign of .

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What Is Intermittent Claudication - Doctor insights on HealthTap

Doctors help you with trusted information about Is in Intermittent Claudication: Dr. Bolesta: It is leg pain that occurs with walking, and relieved by rest.

Claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Intermittent vascular (or arterial) claudication (Latin: claudicatio intermittens) most often refers to cramping pains in the .

Intermittent Claudication Framingham Heart Study

Intermittent Claudication. (based on Murabito, D'Agostino, Silbershatz, Wilson ' Intermittent Claudication: A risk profile from the Framingham Heart Study', .

What does intermittent claudication mean? definition and meaning ...

Definition of intermittent claudication in the AudioEnglish.net Dictionary. Meaning of intermittent claudication. What does intermittent claudication mean? Proper .

A Primary Care Approach to the Patient with Claudication - February ...

Feb 15, 2000 . Usually, patients who have this disease present with intermittent claudication with pain in the calf, thigh or buttock that is elicited by exertion and .

Peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication - Diagnosis

Intermittent claudication caused by peripheral artery disease is typically diagnosed using a calculation called the ankle-brachial index. This method also helps to .

Intermittent claudication

Aug 4, 2012 . Intermittent claudication is caused by poor circulation. There are many things that can affect your circulation. Atherosclerosis (narrowing of the .

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What is an intermittent claudication? - Sharecare

What is an intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication is a tight, aching or squeezing pain in the calf, foot, thigh or buttock that occurs during exercise.

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Increasing walking in patients with intermittent claudication: Protocol ...

People with intermittent claudication are at increased risk of death from heart attack and stroke compared to matched controls. Surgery for intermittent .

PXE and Intermittent Claudication

When the flow of blood to leg muscles is decreased, it can cause pain, cramping, or heaviness in the legs which is called intermittent claudication. The word .

Intermittent Claudication : A Risk Profile From The ... - Circulation

Background Intermittent claudication identifies persons at increased risk for death and . Intermittent claudication occurred in a total of 381 men and women. Age .

Intermittent Claudication - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments - Better ...

May 2, 2011 . Intermittent Claudication Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, Videos, Forums, and local community support.

What Doctors Don't Tell You: Intermittent claudication

Intermittent claudication is cramp-like pain, mostly in the calves when walking, due to poor circulation of blood in the leg muscles. It also causes attacks of .

Intermittent Claudication

As for coronary heart disease (CHD), the incidence of intermittent claudication increased with age. Women lagged behind men by 10 years in incidence.

Intermittent Neurogenic Claudication

Intermittent neurogenic claudication is a collection of symptoms resulting from lumbar spinal stenosis, or the narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back.

intermittent claudication - definition of intermittent claudication by the ...

(Medicine / Pathology) Pathol pain and cramp in the calf muscles, aggravated by walking and caused by an insufficient supply of blood. ThesaurusLegend: .

Intermittent Claudication (IC)

Peripheral Artery Disease - Intermittent Claudication and Critical Limb Ischemia. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) arises when there is significant narrowing of .

Common Drugs and Medications to Treat Intermittent Claudication

WebMD provides a list of common medications used to treat Intermittent Claudication.

Intermittent Claudication - Medications used

Mechanism of Action: The mechanism of the effects of cilostazol tablets on the symptoms of intermittent claudication is not fully understood. Cilostazol tablets and .

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Intermittent Claudication — NEJM

Mar 22, 2007 . Clinical Practice from The New England Journal of Medicine — Intermittent Claudication.

Claudication, Rest Pain

Intermittent claudication is related to the symptoms caused by obstructions in the arteries of the legs (sometimes called atherosclerosis or 'hardening of the .

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Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease

Aug 10, 2011 . Claudication, which is defined as reproducible ischemic muscle pain, is one of the most common manifestations of peripheral vascular disease .

Intermittent Claudication, Heart Disease Risk Factors ... - Circulation

probable intermittent claudication and possible intermittent claudication, respectively. Within . intermittent claudication.7"1112 The increased preva- lence of .

Diagnosis and medical management of patients with intermittent ...

LaPerna • Intermittent claudication . Intermittent claudication is a symptom complex associated with . (Key words: atherosclerosis, intermittent claudication) .

Intermittent Claudication - The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

What is Intermittent claudication? Intermittent Claudication is caused by narrowing or blockage in the main artery taking blood to your leg (femoral artery). This is .

Intermittent Claudication-Topic Overview

Oct 14, 2011 . The main symptom of peripheral arterial disease is intermittent claudication, which is a tight or squeezing pain in the calf,foot,thigh,or buttock .

Exercise and Intermittent Claudication - Circulation

Exercise and Intermittent Claudication. II. Effect of Physical Training. By JAMES S . SKINNER, PH.D., AND D. EUGENE STRANIMNESS, JR., M.D.. SUMMARY .

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Common Vitamins and Supplements to Treat Intermittent claudication

WebMD provides a list of natural remedies used to treat Intermittent claudication.

Intermittent Claudication

Intermittent claudication is pain in the legs caused by atherosclerosis . The natural treatments for intermittent claudication include many of those used for .

Medical Therapy for Intermittent Claudication

Medical Therapy for. Intermittent Claudication. AUGUST 20 – 22, 2010. Hotel ZaZa, Houston, Texas. CARDIOVASCULAR FELLOWS' BOOTCAMP 2010: .

What is intermittent claudication? - Cardiovascular Institute - Lifespan

CLEVER Study (Claudication: Exercise vs. Endoluminal Revascularization). What is intermittent claudication? Intermittent claudication is pain, cramps, .

Neurogenic claudication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Therefore, patients with neurogenic intermittent claudication have less disability in climbing steps, pushing carts and cycling. In some patients with severe .

Claudication: Tests and diagnosis - MayoClinic.com

A meta-analysis of the outcome of endovascular and noninvasive therapies in the treatment of intermittent claudication. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 2011 .

Intermittent Claudication due to Peripheral Vascular Disease

Information and Advice for Patients With Intermittent Claudication . Doctors call this condition intermittent claudication, as the pain comes on intermittently .

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Pluristem Moves Intermittent Claudication Indication Forward in ...

Aug 13, 2012 . 14 million people in the U.S. suffer from intermittent claudication, a subset of peripheral artery disease, costing $2.5 billion per year .

Intermittent Claudication - What you need to know

Intermittent claudication. Find out this health information and more. Visit eVitamins.com for free health information including Intermittent claudication and more.


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intermittent claudication - What does IC stand for? Acronyms and ...

Acronym, Definition. IC, Integrated Circuit. IC, Intelligence Community. IC, I See ( chat code). IC, Intensive Care. IC, Internal Combustion (engine). IC, Industry .

Claudication: Complications - MayoClinic.com

A meta-analysis of the outcome of endovascular and noninvasive therapies in the treatment of intermittent claudication. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 2011 .

Cilostazol for intermittent claudication

Meta-analysis of results from eight randomized, placebo-controlled trials on the effect of cilostazol on patients with intermittent claudication. American Journal of .

Intermittent Claudication Clinical Research Trials | CenterWatch

Clinical Research Trial Listings for Intermittent Claudication in Musculoskeletal Cardiology, Vascular Diseases on CenterWatch.

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Claudication: Symptoms - MayoClinic.com

Claudication can also occur in your arms. Intermittent pain. Your pain may come and go as you do less-strenuous activities. Pain when at rest. As your condition .

EDTA treatment of intermittent claudication--a double-blind, placebo ...

EDTA treatment of intermittent claudication--a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Guldager B, Jelnes R, Jørgensen SJ, Nielsen JS, Klaerke A, Mogensen K, .

Peripheral artery disease and intermittent claudication - Surgery

Surgery: In severe cases, surgery may be needed to open blocked blood vessels. Many surgical procedures can be performed. These include open bypass .

Beta-blockers on intermittent claudication

Effects of beta-blockers on intermittent claudication. Clinical bottom line. For short -term beta-blocker interventions (up to eight weeks), compared with placebo .

Estimation of walking distance in intermittent claudication: need for ...

Estimation of walking distance in intermittent claudication: need for standardization. Intermittent claudication is the most striking symp- tom of peripheral arterial .

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